My name is Carl Hodson-Thomas. I’ve been trading professionally for roughly nine years. Three of which were working with a long volatility biased relative value arbitrage fund – a mouthful I know! My role was global macro strategist and trader, however my responsibilities covered the whole gamut of the trading process across the whole probability spectrum, from idea generation, to expression, to position sizing, to execution and trading (as well as lots of delta re-balancing).

Presently I’m running a global macro fund and consulting business. I have been consulting since 2011, essentially the business involves sharing my highest conviction trades with institutional clients (HF’s and family offices). Now that I’m flying solo, I’ve finally got around to getting the website set up. It’s currently under construction, however the link is prometheus-am.com. My objective now the business is formalised is to share my highest conviction ideas on an ad-hoc basis (between 6-12 high quality ideas per annum). Rather than write daily, I will only publish a trade recommendation when the opportunity set is meaningful. I’d like to think the traders and investors who follow my work will appreciate that I won’t ramble on without a call to action. This blog on the other hand will publish everything else.

Please feel free to reach out and I’ll share some of my work. I’m available on Twitter @PrometheusAM or Bloomberg.