Podcast | “Do What Works” | Prometheus in Discussion With Anthony Crudele

“That’s the fundamental algorithm of life, repeat what works!” – Charlie Munger

Dear readers,

A fortnight ago Anthony Crudele of the Futures Radio show was kind enough to invite me on to discuss my ideas about macro. In the podcast I try to introduce a few of the ideas which I discuss in my upcoming book Reflexive Macro: A Behavioural Approach to Global Macro Trading.

The audio is a little fuzzy from time to time, apologies, it’s likely due to the dodgy Australian internet. If I can find the time, or source somebody on Upwork to tap out the transcript, I shall post it here on the blog.

Topics include:

  1. Doxastic Openness — referring to one’s ability to revise their beliefs based upon new evidence;
  2. Evolutionary Decision Theory — on being less Lexicographic in decision making and building a comprehensive argument for action.
  3. Seeking reliable trading epistemologies — doing what works;
  4. Reflexive reasoning — how some technicals can be self-reinforcing;
  5. Position sizing — the philosophical schools of probability.

Please enjoy the podcast embedded below and feel free to hit me up in the AMA section if you have any questions or feedback.



P.S. Apologies for the close up of my head below!

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