Prometheus Research Distribution List

Dear readers, friends and comrades; although many of you may already be on my database, I would appreciate if you can take the time to submit your information via the link below. Any double-ups will be promptly tidied up.

As you may know, I write infrequently, primarily because I want to distribute only the highest quality ideas with arguments for action that are well-reasoned and logical. Both personally, and politically, I tend to think independently; this autonomous bent often sees me well prepared cyclically.

My communications will be one of three distinct pieces and will be published as often as the opportunity set allows.

Contingencies: covering derivatives trades on the short end of the probability spectrum.

Risk & Reflexivity: elucidating an idea’s arguments for action, as well as its best expression, expected value, probabilities and sizing.

Reason & Biases: reducing fundamental and behavioural thematic arguments into a tractable process.

Depending on the criticisms and feedback, I may include follow ups with comments from subscribers & members, I’m sure this will prove fruitful as there are a number of sharp thinkers amongst the network.

The first piece to this database will be going out this week.

Please take the time to fill out your details to be included.


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